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Ceiling Painting in Edmonton

Texture Removal, Repair, Application

There are several types of texture which can be applied to walls and ceilings to give a unique decorative finish. We can apply, repair & match, or remove these finishes completely for a flat and perfect surface!

Flat ceiling painted after popcorn has been removed

Are you tired of your textured or popcorn ceiling? We can make it perfectly flat!


  • Clean removal techniques to minimize any mess.

  • Dust controlled work areas to keep your home clean.

  • Inspecting the surface for imperfections and repairing any damage.

  • Finish with high quality primer & ceiling paint.

Need to repair your existing texture?

We can make repairs to textured or popcorn ceilings like they never happened!

Repairs made to popcorn ceiling
Ceiling after new popcorn has been applied to repairs
Covered room and walls for spraying ceiling

We cover and seal each room to eliminate traveling dust.

No Dust, No Mess - Guaranteed!

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